Terms and Conditions

Effective date: 10 February 2022

Coaching with CarolineB Terms & Conditions 

(Ver 05 July 2022)                     

These terms and conditions govern your use of all information on this website as well as your access to, and use of, any membership service, coaching or program (together the “Services”) provided to you by Coaching with Caroline B (ABN 43 521 757 943) (“Coaching with Caroline B”). References to “we” and “our” are references to Coaching with Caroline B.

By registering online to participate in and /or receive any Service, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Registered users

  1. To access the Services provided on this website, you must become a registered user. You must complete registration by providing certain information as set out on our registration page.
  2. On registration you agree to pay for the Services as set out on our website. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  3. Our Services are provided to adults over the age of eighteen (18) years. By proceeding to purchase any Services, you acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age.

Coaching and Program

  1. When you enrol in coaching and/or our program (Create more Confidence Program), you agree to be open, present and prepared to complete the work as a team together. You are responsible for your own success and implementation of objectives met. You understand that Coaching with Caroline B has made no guarantees as to the outcome of your participation in any coaching or program.
  2. When participating in any group-based programs, please respect others and the purpose of the shared community in those programs. Use the community to share successes, challenges, constructive feedback and questions. You acknowledge that all information posted and shared in discussion groups including via online channels used in any group-based program may be available or visible for all members in the group-based program to see. Coaching with Caroline B may record group session calls and share these for members to access. You agree to keep all information shared and communicated by other members during any group-based program, private and confidential. Coaching with Caroline B may revise methods or parts of any program based on your needs or the needs of other members in the program.
  3. We aim to offer a safe and welcoming space for you to discuss your goals and challenges. We do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour of any kind. We also do not tolerate harassment in any form, including offensive comments. If you violate this provision, we reserve the right to terminate our arrangement in accordance with paragraph 21
  4. Upon registering for our program, you agree to pay Coaching with Caroline B as per our mutually agreed payment plan or otherwise, the full purchase amount for the program (Program Fee). You may cancel within 14 days of registering for the program by emailing [email protected](Grace Period). If you cancel within the Grace Period and have not yet received any 1:1 coaching session or Lifestyle Inventory TestTM (LSI Test), you will receive a full refund for any Program Fee (or part thereof) paid. If you cancel within the Grace Period and have already received a 1:1 coaching session and/or LSI Test, you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the 1:1 coaching session and LSI Test (as applicable). Outside of the Grace Period, the Program Fee is non-refundable to ensure that all members are fully committed to the program. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs that prevents you from being able to commence or continue the program outside of the Grace Period, Coaching with Caroline B may decide (in its sole discretion) to partially refund the Program Fee or give you an extension.

Intellectual property rights

  1. All intellectual property rights in any content available on this website and all materials provided to you during any Service will remain vested in Coaching with Caroline B (Content) and no license to sell or distribute any Content is granted or implied.
  2. When you visit our website or enrol or register in a Service, we give you a limited licence to access and use our Content for personal use. You are not permitted to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial or personal purposes, any portion of the Content. You also agree to keep all Content strictly confidential.
  3. This website may from time to time contain hyperlinks to other websites. Such links are provided for convenience only and we take no responsibility for the content and maintenance or the privacy compliance of any linked website.


  1. Coaching with Caroline B has used care in preparing the information provided to you as part of any of our Services. All Content is made available to you for your own personal use and for information and educational purposes only. Coaching with Caroline B assumes no responsibility for the choices, actions and results that you may make during or following your participation in any membership, coaching or program. We have a policy of continuous improvement and reserve the right to make changes to our Services and to alter our Content without notice at any time.
  2. Whilst we have taken all due care in providing the information on our website, and in our Services, we do not provide any warranty either express or implied. Coaching with Caroline B shall not be held responsible in any way for the information that you request or receive from Coaching with Caroline B.
  3. Coaching with Caroline B explicitly states that it is not holding itself out to be, a clinical therapist, doctor, counsellor, psychologist, adviser, or any other kind of position that gives rise to a duty of care in any way at any time before, during or after any Service provided by Coaching with Caroline B. Nothing contained in our Services is intended to be a substitute for other services or professional help that you may need.

Waiver and release

  1. Our Services may involve some degree of physical exercise, including use of suggested equipment such as yoga blocks and yoga straps. Coaching with Caroline B is not qualified to assess if you are in good physical condition and can exercise without risk your health, safety or comfort. If you have any doubts, we strongly urge you to seek expert advice before starting any physical exercise regime, routine, program or using any suggested equipment shown in the Services.
  2. By using our Services, you represent and warrant that you understand that physical exercise involves physical movement, and that such activity carries the risk of injury whether physical or mental. It is your responsibility to ensure that by participating in, or receiving our Services, you will select the appropriate level of exertion and activity for your skills and abilities taking into account any physical, mental or medical conditions and/or limitations you may have.
  3. You expressly waive and release any claim that you may have at any time for injury of any kind against Coaching with Caroline B, or any person or entity involved with Coaching with Caroline B, including without limitation Coaching with Caroline B’s directors, principals, instructors, independent contractors, employees, agents, contractors, affiliates and representatives.

Limitation of liability

  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release Coaching with Caroline B from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that you have ever had, now have or will have in the future against Coaching with Caroline B arising from your participation in, or in any way related to, any of the Services.
  2. We accept no liability for any loss whatsoever including loss of profits, loss of data or any kind of indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with any of the Services.


  1. We reserve the right to terminate this arrangement with you at any time at our sole discretion and where the termination is not due to your fault or breach or violation of these terms and conditions, we will provide you with a refund for any part of the Services not completed that otherwise had been paid for in advance.
  2. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and your continued use of our website and Services following any amendments will represent your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions as amended.
  3. These terms and conditions will be interpreted under and governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. Each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of New South Wales.