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Low self-Confidence and low Self-worth?

Discover my 3 months coaching Program

"Confident and Empowered"!

Do you Currently...

- Feel like you're not enough?
- Seek approval and validation from others?
- Trust other's opinions over your own?
- Have no sense of purpose and find your life unfulfilling?


Join me on a 3 months transformational journey!

The "Confident and Empowered" program will take you from feeling  low self-worth and self-confidence, to loving yourself, feeling that you are enough, and living a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Self-worth and self-confidence aren’t based on anything external. They’re based on layers of negative self beliefs you've built since the day you were born. This program uniquely works on your conscious and subconscious minds at the same time, and uses both your brain and your body to help you reach your goals.  During our time together you’ll deconstruct your negative self-beliefs, and create a new attitude of unconditional self-respect, and acceptance. The result? You will feel strong, grounded, and self-confident. You will no longer doubt yourself. You will believe in yourself.  

At times low self confidence can feel crushing and debilitating and it can really prevent you from living a fulfilled life. Feeling low self-confidence impacts  every area of your life: your relationships at home and at work, your private and professional lives. It pulls you down on a daily basis. When you lack self-confidence, you often stay on the sidelines, letting others make decisions for you. It feels disempowering. How much better would your life be  if you had strong self-confidence and were able to be in control?

Self-confidence influences every relationship positively, and enables you to make better choices. You may think that it's too late to change, and that’s the way you are, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You no longer have to be defined by an old identity or negative self-image. You can rewire and remould yourself into the person you long to be!

Imagine a life where...

  • You feel valued and appreciated by others 
  • You trust and value your own opinions
  • You dare to say no and set clear boundaries with people
  • You feel socially accepted
  • Your life is filled with purpose 
  • You no longer need anyone else’s approval and feel comfortable with your own choices
  • You believe in your own self-worth... 
When you believe in yourself, you radiate positivity and attract others. The reason you currently don’t feel confident is not due to a lack of ability, money, or other external factors.
​The reason is lack of trust and belief in yourself.
I have good news. You can CHANGE that.
The “Confident and Empowered” Program will equip you with the tools you need for building unshakable self-belief and self-confidence in three months. It works specifically to rewire your conscious and subconscious minds at the same time, combining psychology, neuroplasticity, coaching, yoga and mindfulness. You will be guided and supported every step of the way to rewire your mind and instill unshakeable self-confidence. By actively bringing the unconscious thoughts and behaviours to the surface, you can break free from the chains of negative self-beliefs and tap into self-value, self-worth, and self-confidence. You will reclaim your power and feel joyful, regardless of external circumstances.

Many people who suffer from low self-confidence have experienced negative events in their childhood that led them to build a negative image of themselves: not smart, not pretty, inadequate, etc. They believe they will carry that burden for the rest of their lives, because it is who they are. Most days are a struggle. They believe change isn’t possible or that it’s too late.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Neuroscience has shown that change is available to every one of us. The only prerequisite is the willingness to change, and believing that you have the capacity to. 

Doing it on your own is possible, but it’s easy to get side tracked or discouraged.  That’s why I'm offering to guide you on this transformational journey to the life of confidence and purpose you long for. I am positive that I can support you in this journey because I have been on the same path: This program is a condensed version of my own journey from feeling low and unworthy years ago, to feeling confident and joyful today. I am using all the tools that made this transformation possible: psychology, neuroscience, coaching, yoga therapy and mindfulness.
After embarking on this journey, you will:
  • Value your own opinions and trust your own decisions 
  • Feel a strong sense of purpose
  • Live free from seeking other peoples’ approval
  • Overcome social anxiety 
  • Enjoy your life more than ever!
The “Confident and empowered "program works specifically to rewire your conscious and subconscious minds at the same time. It will equip you with the tools you need for building unshakable self-belief and self-confidence in eight stages. The program combines psychology, neuroscience, coaching, yoga therapy and mindfulness.

I designed this program so you’re supported every step of the way. You’ll have a weekly group meeting with me so you stay on track at all times. Through two one-on-one sessions with your LSI (Life Styles Inventory) coach, you will analyse the results of your LSI test and set your goals. You’ll have three one-on-one sessions with me - your yoga therapist and coach. You’ll also have access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask the coaches questions anytime, and interact with other students. It’s a great community hub to give and receive support.  
Step by step, during our time together you will move from a state of low self-confidence and low self-worth to a state of unconditional self-confidence. Your mental states will shift from negative and self-defeating to positive, supportive, and daring. You will change your negative self beliefs to positive ones. You will start to believe in yourself, and it  will propel you forward, towards the person you long to be. It will change your life for the better, transforming your relationships, overcoming your fears, finding the clarity you need to realise your full potential.
After the program, you will:
  • Feel  unshakable and unconditional  self-confidence
  • You have a good image of yourself independently of what is going on in your life
  • You feel competent in all areas of your life
  • Live a purposeful, fearless and fulfilled life
Here's how it works:
  • During the program, you meet weekly with Caroline Bakerman in a live group session to discuss your progress, ask questions, and set goals for the following week. Some of these calls will dive deeper into particular aspects of the program and provide support and guidance for the introspective worksheets given in each module.These sessions foster community, accountability, keep you focused and on track. At the end of every session, Caroline guides you through specific meditations/exercises to keep you moving forward.
  • The program includes three one one one sessions with your yoga therapist and two one on one sessions with your LSI coach
  • There is a weekly "Office hour" where you can hop in any time should you need additional support.
  • You have access 24/7 to our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions of the coaches, but also other students
  • You can revisit the program and its content as often as you’d like. You have lifetime access to the online content!  
Program Outline