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About me

Hi, I’m Caroline! I can’t wait to help you feel confident, stop self-doubt, and live your life fully!

Until my early forties, I was crushed by a negative self-image, low self-worth, and low self-confidence. When I was invited to parties, I often felt I had nothing interesting to say. I turned down promotions, always finding the perfect excuse. I always looked for the more basic jobs because I didn’t think I could do better.  I thought I wasn’t smart enough. Not educated enough. Not charismatic enough. Not elegant enough. And the list goes on…

It felt terrible, and I believed it would never change. I thought I was born this way and happiness and feeling happy in my own skin was not in the cards for me.

But I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

After the birth of my second child I fell into a depression. It was BAD and all my relationships suffered. I decided feeling low and not good enough was no longer bearable for myself or for my family. I no longer wanted to be that person. I wanted to feel good, be happy, and be a good role model for my girls.

I started therapy, and the results were amazing! I understood the events and circumstances that led me to depression. 

I understood, and fully accepted that my parents did their best with what they knew at the time, their intentions were always good, even if the outcome wasn’t. My relationship with them improved tremendously, and I finally enjoyed spending time with them. 


While my relationships with my family improved, my self-confidence had not. 

I still felt unworthy, unlovable, and incapable.

Things started to shift when I started meditating. No, I didn't have to sit in the lotus position for 6 hours a day in some cave in the Himalayas. Five minutes of quiet each day on a chair was enough to help me see what was really happening in my mind, I became aware of the incessant negative chatter… and how it made me feel. 

Within a few weeks I was much calmer, more grounded, and most importantly, I  was no longer reacting to kids or husband with anger or frustration. I was able to take the time to reflect and respond differently than usual. I didn’t know that at a time, but I was beginning to reprogram myself.

I was so intrigued I wondered how it worked. I spent the following  five years devouring everything I could on neuroplasticity, mindset, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga therapy, yoga philosophy, and psychology.  44 books, 1053 hours of training, 6 years of teaching, and 872 hours of meditation later, I am enjoying life more than ever. 

I no longer doubt myself, and boy do I love being in my own skin.

I condensed it all in a 5 step process that I want to share with you today.

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The Confidence Builder Method.


Program Goals:

  • Create more confidence to be successful, stop self-doubt and live your life fully
  • Have more clarity so you can make better decisions at work and in life without questioning yourself
  • Become the best version of yourself while feeling better about who you are, how you look and how you speak
  • Develop unshakable confidence at work so you can have more success in your career without doubting your professional abilities
  • Get rid of anxiety and fears around judgement & public speaking so you can feel whole and comfortable in your own skin and around others
  • Lead a happier more fulfilled and enjoyable life
  • Guide you through our 5 step Method to create confidence
  • Give you all the support you require to debunk those negative self-beliefs and create the life you really want!
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