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Hi, I’m Caroline! I can’t wait to help you feel confident and empowered!


Are you interested in finding confidence and inner strength and be in the driver seat of your life?

I need your help!

I’m working on a project to help women build their self-worth and self-confidence. In order to do this, I need to understand their needs so I can truly help them in becoming strong, confident and empowered. 

So I need to speak to 10 women who would be willing to spare me 20 to 30 minutes of their time.

There will be NO SELLING or promoting myself in any way. It is 200% about fully understanding YOU and YOUR needs.

So if you’ve ever felt that your low self-confidence and low self-worth have held you back and that you are not living the life you truly want, book a call with me using the button below!

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A little bit about me:

Hi! I'm the mother of two wonderful children, dedicated yoga and pilates practitioner, life coach, and registered and certified Yoga Therapist.

Before I discovered yoga in my early forties, I was crushed by a negative self-image, low self-worth,  and low self-confidence. 

Raised by a mother with undiagnosed PTSD, her outbursts of rage and uncontrolled emotions left me feeling unloved, unwanted, and uncomfortable with  myself. I felt like I wasn’t worth anyone’s time. Right up until my early adult years, I had no self-confidence and didn’t like myself. I thought everyone else was better than me and doubted myself in every area of life. I had no purpose other than getting through each day.

This underlying emotional state combined with raising two children made my lack of self-confidence worse. As a full time mum, I thought I never had anything interesting to say, and I felt uncomfortable socially.  Life was not very much fun and I spent it hiding behind my children.

After being diagnosed with depression in 2007, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Feeling depressed and not good enough was no longer bearable. I wanted to change  for myself, my children, and my husband.

I started psychotherapy and yoga. The results were astounding. 

Through psychotherapy I began to understand and accept the past that led me to think and feel that way about myself.

Yoga gave me the time and space to notice how my past was playing out in my mind and behaviours on a daily basis: my negative mental patterns and deeply ingrained negative self-beliefs became obvious. 

A few months into the practice of both yoga and psychotherapy, my thoughts of worthlessness were dimmer, I felt lighter and enjoyed life more.

Physically, mentally and emotionally, I felt better than ever, and for the first time in my life, I had a sense of purpose.

Fast forward to 2015:  I took on a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training and two  years later a  750 hour Yoga Therapy accreditation course.

After working with women for six  years I decided it was time to help women on their way to self-confidence and self-worth.

I am currently doing research to understand the needs of women who want to build their confidence and self-worth.

If you'd like to take part in it, you can book a call with me using the link below.

The interview will take 20-30 minutes and is held via Zoom.

I'd love to hear from you!

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